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Lovely Violette by Loli

Jurassic Park! Wow!

Jurassic Park! Wow!

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Eleven family members (including myself), vacationed in Hawaii, for 10 days, to celebrate Christmas and New Year's, in '21.  We stayed in the capital city of Honolulu, in Outrigger Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel.  It was my first visit, and there were many firsts, throughout the vacation. 

I had NEVER stepped into a luxury brand store, and I was surrounded by them!  Still, I dared not step in.  Why should I, when I KNOW I CAN'T afford ANYTHING?  Yes...I'm a "fashionista", but I know my limits, so there's no point in torture...right?  Well...I DID go to about 8 of them because my little brother wanted to buy gifts for the family!  What?  I felt "awkward" at the first shop, but a few minutes in, and I realized that they were there to "serve", with a smile!  When we walked into Louis Vuitton, I had NO idea what "real" perfume was supposed to smell like! word!  Anyway, that was an experience in and of itself...for sure!

Luckily, my sister and brother-in-law rented a truck, so we traveled around the island a couple of times! word—it was "Jurassic Park"!  It was sooo beautiful!  The adventures outside of the tourist spots, were the coolest/funnest and most jaw-dropping, of all!  We pulled over for a few minutes to enjoy this sight!  I pray you do, too!  Enjoy! 🍃🌞🌺🦋🙏


Premium Canvas: Lustre Laminate; 1 1/2" Border; Wrap Sawtooth Hanger; Bumpers; Paper Backing.

Metal Print: Mid-Gloss; Float Mount Hanger is Attached to the Back of the Print & Floats it 1/2" Off the Wall, When Hung.  Styles & Selection Vary.

Image Resolution/Color: All artwork is created at the highest resolution; but color may vary from one monitor to the next; so the final product may not be exactly as you presently view it; however, please be assured that each image will be beautiful, nevertheless.

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